Saturday Spanish Club

Join us each Saturday for fun activities and conversation as we learn and practice our Spanish language skills, explore Hispanic heritage and review vocabulary from different themes each week.

This is a great opportunity for your kids to practice their Spanish skills in a fun, informal environment to reinforce what they have learned in school, at home or online. Your child will be excited to start a new craft with the club every Saturday. Saturday Spanish Club is best suited for students currently or previously enrolled in any Spanish language class. Register for the full semester or for individual workshops.

$220 USD/Semester
or $20 USD/ 1 hour Session

Program Details:

What to expect:

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The Wonder of Seasons  - Saturday, Sept 11th
Learn about the Seasons and different activities kids can do during all these seasons. The Students will be able to make connection of these natural phenomenon in daily life to enhance our speaking skills.

Fun Clothing Saturday, Sept 18th
Learn all about clothing vocabulary in Spanish. What do you wear in each season? What is your favorite cloth?  What color of clothing do you preferred? What kind of shoes do you like best? Students will be able to describe what do they Wear in the different seasons.

Parts of the Body - Saturday, Sept 25th
Learn about parts of the body, and senses. The students will learn how we use those parts of the body and some action words related to it. This will enhance our students to have conversation skills in Spanish while kids play.

Wild animals and pets -Saturday, Oct 2nd
The students learn about animals of the in the jungle and their names in Spanish. They will also learn what kind of food do they eat. They will be able to describe the parts of the animals in Spanish conversation.

Around the house - Saturday, Oct 9th
Students learn and review Spanish terms for items commonly found around the house, including furniture and parts of the house. They will be able to describe their house in Spanish. Where do they watch tv? Where do they eat?? Where do they play? and so on to get into a conversation in Spanish.
They will learn some actions related to the theme as well.

All About Food  - Saturday, Oct 16th
The students learn all food and where do you eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner? They will get familiar with these terms in Spanish. What's their favorite food? Students will get into a simple conversation in Spanish.

The Community -Saturday, Oct 23rd
Student learn about all about their community and what fun activities they do around their community? What do eat at the restaurant? What kind of animals they encounter at the park ?and so on.

Transportation  Saturday, Saturday Oct 30th
The students learn the Spanish names for different vehicles. They will learn common phrases and fun places they can do ride around the community. How to ask for directions, restaurants, theater and other places?

The Professions -Saturday, Nov 6
The students learn about professions and what to they do. Places in the community they work. What do you want be in future? Students will get in a good conversation in Spanish.

The Picnic -Saturday, Nov 13th
The students will review all about food, places in the community and transportation in a conversation setting. We will travel to the park and prepare a list of food to take it the picnic.

What to bring:

  • Just your smiling kiddo!
Cancellation Policy:

Any participant who is unable to attend this program for any reason will receive full credit for the purchased amount to be applied toward any other LBC program. Credits never expire and are transferrable.

Sept 11th-Nov 13th
9:00   -   9:30am EST
10:00 - 11:00am EST
11:30 - 12:30pm EST
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Hi Ada,
My kids LOVED it yesterday. The first thing Katie and Ashley asked me when I got home was "Can you pick us up at later time? We didn't have enough time at Spanish class :) :)"


Happy Parent
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I just wanted to let you know that our daughter enjoyed both weeks of Spanish camp immensely!!! It was such a please for us to hear about all the great projects, songs, and games she learned.  It is always hard to find a summer camp that engages, teaches and promotes creativity with the children, so we will definitely be looking forward to signing up again next summer for both our kids!

Myra Rodrigue

Spanish Camp Customer
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Mrs. Ada,
We would love to express our appreciation to you and your warm loving and most of all - FUN environment that you offer at Children Spanish Express! As working parent our children have unfortunately experienced a few camp during the summer months... They both said that they loving coming to Ms. Ada's class the best because you make learning FUN!

Thank you again, the girls look forward to seeing you every Monday and are excited about summer camp!

Rich and Nicky