Children Spanish Express

Live it, Speak it, Experience it!


​​​Preschool 3, 4 and 5

Tuesday 1:00-1:45pm

Jan 7th-May 13th

​$60 student/month + one time $30 registration. 


Kindergarten-Fourth Grade.

Saturday 12:00-1:00PM

Jan 11th-March 14th

$250 per child +$25 registration

10 week sessions


Program will follow the school calendar.

Spanish Enrichment AFTER-SCHOOL Program

at St David's episcopal PreSchool 

Spanish Immersion Enrichment After-School Programs 
The students learn the Spanish language through fun games and hands-on activities. With the repetition of these activities, students increase the level of self-confidence in the Spanish language, understanding and actually conversing over time. Our Curriculum is taught by themes.

Tuition fees are non-refundable it will be credited towards another program. Children Spanish Express does not qualify for childcare income tax purposes.