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Thinking about learning Spanish? Did you

know that Spanish is the second most

spoken language? It’s also the fastest

growing language in America. Here are

reasons why you should learn:


Why Bilinguals Are Smarter

​by Yudhijit Bhattacharjee

17 Reasons Every American Should Learn Spanish

The Huffington Post

Introductory Conversational Spanish Course
This course is design to review the basic structure of the language and how to communicate with each culture. An understanding of each country, their regionalism language and how to best communicate with them. We will review basic grammar rules and the impact they have in conversation. ​Classes meet twice a week for eight weeks (32 hour program)​.


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Children Spanish Express

Live it, Speak it, Experience it!


​​Introductory Conversational Spanish



8 sessions/16 hours / 4 weeks Sep. 25th -Oct. 18th

FREE Converstional Club available after finished the course. 

$495 course fee includes book and materials.