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6 weeks sessions 

Jan 10th-Feb 14th



Children Spanish Express

Live it, Speak it, Experience it!




We are now offering Spanish to our

Homeschool Community!!

Please keep in mind that beginning foreign

language instruction early sets the stage for students to develop advanced levels of proficiencies. Our Spanish classes are customized to the need of every child. 

Our Homeschool Beginning Spanish Program aims to develop writing, reading, understanding and speaking skills. Children (ages 8-11) learn the Spanish language through fun games and hands-on activities. They also learn basic conversational Spanish. 

With the repetition of these activities, the students increase their level of self-confidence in the Spanish language, understanding and actually speaking over time. Even parents can benefit from our unique approach to language instruction. 

Tuition fees are non-refundable. Children Spanish Express does not qualify for childcare income tax purposes.


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